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Nine Incredible Songs

These are nine of my favorite songs. If you’re looking for something new to listen to, I highly recommend them.

  1. Gravity’s Union (by Coheed and Cambria) – an incredible ballad about love, uncertainty, and an incredible otherworldly adventure. I sing this to myself a lot.
  2. Neglected Space (by Imogen Heap) – this one is part spoken word and part immersive alternative from the perspective of a decaying structure that yearns to be precious to someone again.
  3. Precious (by Depeche Mode) – a chillingly beautiful and dreamy song about parents lamenting the destructive effect their divorce had on their child. The instrumental toward the end will give you goosebumps.
  4. Heal (by Kerli) – an absolutely breathtaking electronic song in which Kerli reflects on her long-past relationship with drugs.
  5. Mercy (by IAMX) – this is the song from IAMX’s period of releases about BDSM and unhealthy relationships that most effects me. This one isn’t safe for work.
  6. Red Dress (by TV on the Radio; Glitch Mob remix) – this one also has bad language in it. A decadent electronic remix of a song about war, mankind, and the cowardice of many civilians.
  7. Atlas Air (by Massive Attack) – this song is sleek and easy to listen to. Their juxtaposition of R&B, hip hop, and alternative electronic sounds is uncanny and completely unique.
  8. Sea Castle (by Purity Ring) – despite containing no innuendos, the heady bass and lyrics of this song, from the perspective of someone hopelessly obsessed with their love interest, are chillingly erotic.
  9. Master of Disaster (by Seether) – this song is one of Seether’s few that are bitterly, painfully raw and beautiful. Its lyrics are a tired and cynical but gut-wrenchingly childlike statement to a manipulative lover.