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Generational Humor and #CNNBlackmail

Everybody’s been talking about President Trump tweeting an absurd, juvenile GIF at CNN. If I wasn’t dead inside, I probably would find this whole thing hilarious.

As somebody who works with and grew up around devout Republicans, talks to a lot of classic liberals and libertarians online, and struggles to communicate with the middle-aged conservatives who watch The Blaze, I’ve seen the full spectrum of reactions to this nonsense.

Progressives and far leftists are losing their minds over how unpresidential it was. Social and political conservatives are anguished for much the same reason. The social justice zealots I’m unlucky enough to run into are inconsolable at the supposed violence Trump is normalizing. CNN is the largest for-profit organization I’ve ever seen become the physical embodiment of insecurity, and that part would be hilarious if they weren’t blackmailing the guy who made the GIF into completely out-of-character contrition.

As far as the reactions to CNN effectively blackmailing a shitposter into giving up one of the most noble crafts in the history of mankind, the reactions have been considerably less diverse.

That Girl did a brilliant video on how this asinine behavior has been the final straw in crushing her dream to become a CNN anchor one day. The hashtag #CNNBlackmail was actually one of the top trends worldwide on Twitter yesterday. Many of those on the left have been condemning this bizarre, reactionary nonsense. Even Tim Blake denounced the corporation’s targeting of the meme wielder. (Tim’s adorable, by the way.) The only people making excuses for CNN seem to be the same people who prioritize Shariah law over LGBT and women’s rights and demand that poor, helpless minorities be rescued by the evil, rich white people.

But that’s not what I want to talk about here. What I’m interested in is something less well-known since most of the conservatives my age are too cool and skeptical to admit that they’re conservatives. Continue reading